About Ann Negendank

...the founder of Sensible Space® Organizing Services:

 Ann Negendank, CPO® has been bringing organization to her customers for more than 20 years.  Her expertise has simplified lives of individuals in private, corporate, government, and university sectors.


Ms. Negendank has had her work recognized on state, federal and international levels for innovative programs that continue to benefit businesses and community members. She has received US Congressional commendations as well as local and state awards for her work.


The insight provided by a master's degree in Business Administration creates a unique skill set that improves her clients’ productivity. Blending the customer’s needs, incorporating wish lists and meeting basic requirements are all accomplished through an intelligent, comprehensive and affable approach.



To get in touch with Ann, email her at organize@sensiblespace.org


Team Members

Additionally, a team of talented individuals is available to work on jobs both large and small. Their expertise includes organizational skills, project management experience, administrative support, technology knowledge, and hands-on experience with QuickBooks, Quicken, NeatReceipts, and Microsoft Office software.

Laurel - Customer Service Manager

Laurel applies her expertise in administration and organizing, with strong interpersonal skills to keep projects (and clients) singing!


Lisa - Organizer/Daily Money Manager

Lisa creates time and financial efficiencies through her QuickBooks and daily money management skills. Implementing logical record keeping is her forte.


Pat - Project Manager

Making sure her projects move ahead correctly and efficiently has proven to make our clients smile. Pat also researches and develops protocols to aid in finalizing projects.


JAX - Organizer

Versatility is JAX's stock in trade.  She tackles all aspects of organizing, from technology to garages and everything in between.


Michelle - Assistant

Working in the background, Michelle is there to take on issues that must be addressed. She applies her determination and commitment to matters that may impact the customer experience

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