Living with a Small Closet

Do you find yourself searching under the bed,back of the guestroom closet, floor of your closet for your clothes? I would like to share a recent project that created a great deal of serenity & space for a client- The Seasonal Closet Approach.

I can hear you say- "what..NO! I need them all available;I love them all." I think you will find that using the strategy I will walk you through will calm the daily beast of "what do I where/where is the item I need to finish off the look".

OK- deep breath.

1st step- Pick a time when you have several hours that you can call you own. Having friends over for movie night in a couple of hours or running out to pick up soccer players mid-project are examples of how to make this whole effort much harder.

2nd step- Have most of your laundry and dry cleaning done. This will help keep the project to the shortest time frame. If you go through your closet and find most of the items have that "1 more time before washing" status, you will either have to postpone packing them away or add another session to this task. Also, decide where you can store your off-season containers - dry and pest free are 2 important considerations.

3rd step- Put up a 4/6' folding table in your bedroom, grab a couple of bigger paper shopping bags (who doesn't have a few stashed away?), hang a trash bag nearby. Assemble zip bags (the kind new blankets come in) or plastic bins/other suitable storage containers. Again, consider where you can store the items..not in your closet!

4th Step- Go through your closet, pull out the items you won't be able to transition to the next season- eg tank tops, shorts, white pants, sandals, summer weight jackets, lightweight/pastel scarves, summer purses. ( Examples are for a fall project, BTW).

But wait- begin with shoes. Then scarves. Then gym clothes. Then PJ's. finally, clothes in your closet (don't forget what's on the floor).

Pull out the strappy sandals, summer loafers; patent flats, and anything else you rarely wear in the upcoming season. Wipe them down, set them aside. Ditto with the scarves, gym clothes, and PJ's. Stack each type neatly on the folding table.

Anything you know you will never again wear (be honest with yourself); worn, pilly, stained? Put usable items in one bag for donation. Put the tired, worn, holey items in another- for disposal, PLZ!!

A quick dusting of the closet..and congrats, you are almost there.

The final step (5) is to store the off-season items. A useful tip- plastic containers hold labels much better if you use a strip of painters tape on the plastic, placing the label

on the tape...on the side showing once stored. No need to cram things in the containers. Take photos of the contents if you worry you might need to retrieve something.

There you have it. You have doubled the space for the things you will be wearing over the next few months. Come the next season change, start with Step 1,and see how easy-breazy this method is.

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