Making Hotel Stays More Comfortable

Is staying in a hotel room always as easy as it should be? Do you find you have left items in the room? See the following list of tips to make your travel stays, be they business or pleasure, more carefree.

- are your rings going astray? Use water glasses to keep your jewelry and change collected and separate on the sink/nightstand. - do you find the table inaccessible? Pull it out from the corner and/or move one of the chairs to another part of the room. Just be sure to put things back before you check out. - are the brochures taking over? Collect them in a drawer for the duration of your stay, again pulling them out just before you leave. - are you stymied because there are not enough hangers and only one small wastebasket in the room? Request more of these items from Housekeeping. - need a few plastic bags to pack wet or soiled items? Often you will find clean wastebasket liners under the one presently in use. Remember to use only what you need. - find that you keep leaving charging cords behind? Wrap an address label around the cord and only plug cords into a visible outlet. These 2 steps will help you not add to the orphan cords at the front desk. - realize you forgot a cord? Check at the front desk. They often will provide access to orphan cords abandoned by previous guests. - wondering how sterile the water glasses are? Request paper cups at the Front Desk when you check in. These are just a few ways to keep the "fun" in travel.

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