Kids have a lot of STUFF! 5 Tips to stay Organized

I don't know about you, but I find that kids have a lot of 'stuff' these days. Where do you put it all??! From toys, to clothes, to books - we have 5 simple tips to stop you and your family from drowning!

1. Engaging your kids in the process of going through their things will help them be empowered at what they can keep and what they are willing to part with. You'd be surprised at the decisions they make!

2. Teaching kids at a young age about the power of giving is priceless. Telling them that the toys/clothes/books they no longer need are going to kids that don't have any is a great way to create empathy in their minds, and allow them to look at things differently.

3. If space allows, have a spot for too small clothes to go, and have a container of the clothes for the next size up. This way as you put clothes away that are too small, you can remove them from circulation AND you can confidently bargain shop for the next size up knowing you won't miss the chance for them to wear it.

4. Don't forget about the books! We all have our favorites (and our not so favorite!). Feel free to keep a few of the well loved ones, but as your kids reading levels improve, don't hesitate to move on the lower level readers to a friend, a family member or your local charity group. Sharing the love of reading is wonderful! But you don't have to keep ALL the books forever.

5. Everything needs a home. While it would be great for the stuffed toys to be in the blue box, and the LEGO to be color coded - the reality is that's not going to happen! Have your kids help put things away but make sure there's somewhere for them to go! It doesn't have to match, and it doesn't have to be beautiful - but it does have to be a home.

What has worked for your family to stay organized?

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