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Streamlining the paper flow is making my home business soar with control. . . . makes the process of slaying the paper monster painless. I highly recommend a Professional Organizer to anyone. It's a life changing to the positive experience."


With the Organizer's help I was able to get rid of many things and have a workable filing system for the rest. My CPA was impressed that the Organizer checked with her before getting rid of things that might be needed for taxes."


...drafted a plan, presented their agenda..., and swiftly executed a reorganized storage space all in a day's time."



Sensible Space is just what you need. They will customize the service for you!"


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Three hours flew by with amazing results. I so appreciate your help. The experience was actually fun"


Working with Ann to organize and clear my workspace has been an investment in wellness,e.g. increase in breathing space, mental clarity and pride."



My cleaning strategy is to dump it all in the middle of the room and then work through the pile..If she hadn't come to the rescue, I would've covered it with a tarp and asked them (contractors) to work around it! Thanks!"


The effect was far beyond my expectation.  Not only were things put away, but I now had an efficient system for paper flow.  It was clear...that I was in charge of my space versus being held hostage by it"


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